Burratina 125 g

Valore energetico 210 Kcal – Kj 873
Proteine 13,4 g
Carboidrati 2,04 g di cui zuccheri 2,04 g
Grassi 16,5 g di cui saturi 13,5 g
Sale 0,63 g

Product description

The burrate has a double structure: the outer part is made up of a glossy and whitish, compact and elasticated wrapper, stuffed with rags. The latter is made up of creamy yarn impregnated with cream. The taste is delicate with a vague smell of lactic ferments, the inside structure is creamy.


  • Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, UHT sour cream (48%), salt, curd and lactic ferments.
  • Acidity regulator: lactic acid.
  • Preservation of fresh product: In fridge from 0° to +4° C


  • Product weight: 125 g
  • Pieces per box: 8 x 250 g
  • Net weight per box: 2 Kg
  • Expiration date of fresh product: 15 days